Pat Hennebery from Wappingers Falls, NY (Valley Performance), who did my heads on the Impala had a C/SM Chevy II that was now parked beside his garage. Through some wheeling and dealing I scrapped enough cash together and bought the car in the winter of 1984. I was on a tight budget, so I stuck the rebuilt 350 from the old 4 door Chevy II in front of Powerglide and a 4000 stall converter. I ran 12.52 at 107. The 6.17 gears where a little too steep for the small block that was just a little too mild with 9 to 1 compression, a Torker intake and stock 327 small chamber heads. The big 1 7/8 headers weren't exactly helping either. Changed the gears to 5.38 and the intake to a Strip Dominator and ran 12.49 at 108, not a great change but at least I made it through the traps now! The year after saw ported and polished heads (the same 327 heads) and a new converter 5000+ stall. I ran a best of 11.81 at 114.50 all on pump gas with 9 to 1 compression. More compression and a roller cam and I got down to 11.01 at 118. A bit more compression and head work got the car to run a best of 10.69 at 127. This was a budget small block pulling 3200 lb. of car and driver. Every summer was a tight operation. The one engine I had was put together to last hopefully the whole summer, around 300 runs. Every year saw a gain in performance, but I didn't do lots of tinkering at the track. In bracket racing, the time trials are limited and consistency is more important for winning races than having a fast car. The car stayed together, went straight and started winning races from day one. The car on average won enough money to cover the running expenses through the summer. I won the points Championship in the Heavy class (11.00 to 13.50 seconds) in 1984, 86, 88. I placed second in 1985 and third in 1987. In 1989 I won in the Super Street class at the National Open run at Napierville Dragway (I didn't follow the point championship that year) . On big money days I won a few times in the 0 to 12.50 class - usually a $1000 to win. It was tough racing in this class, I was usually getting the handicap (first chance to red light) and running against a lot of fast cars ( mostly super gas and comp.) I can remember one weekend running 9 times to finish first on Saturday night, 2 reruns and 7 runs, and on Sunday I finished 2nd for a $3400 weekend. By the end of 1990 I was trying to turn the car into a Pro-Street Chevy II, but didn't have enough cash. I put everything up for sale. Nobody seemed to want the Chevy II at that time. I even put it in National Dragster, but didn't get one call. Eventually I negiated with Peter Whittaker in Montreal, Quebec and we made a trade. I got the 1967 Pontiac Acadian and he got the Chevy II - turn key with the trailer. I missed the Chevy II, but was looking forward to playing with the Acadian on the street and not having to spend a couple of hundred bucks to drive it for a few minutes. To the right are a couple pictures of the Chevy II when I owned it, some off the starting line and one with the 29 trophies I won with the car. The first picture shows the car before I painted it and removed the 126 decals - the way I bought it from Pat Hennebery! Click on the images to view a larger picture, if you wish. Peter ran the car for a couple of races but dropped a rod and then the car sat in the garage for a few years until Mike McCleary bought it off him. Mike teamed up with some sponsorship from Zeke's Performance & SLP in Montreal. They put a 327, from Terry's 65 Chevelle (SS/LA) into the Chevy II and turned it into a SS/IA. They repainted the car, reworked all the suspension, and did tons of tuning to make everything work. The best I can recall them running was a 10.46 @ 128mph. Unfortunately there was not much SuperStock racing around Quebec and Mike eventually lost interest and sold the car to someone near Quebec City. Click here to see a few pictures of the car when Mike McCleary owned the Chevy II. It did some pretty crazy wheel stands. I always wanted it to do that for me. I could just never to get it to go that high and stay there, but hey I was winning races and that was more important.